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Tinavie is a band from Moscow, Russia, first appeared at the end of 2008.

It’s possible to fail putting two and two together describing band’s musical tricky style. Too much nerve for lounge and too fast for downtempo, too sweet for the underground and too shiny for triphop. Not being faithful followers of any listed musical genre, Tina and the band are exploring some new sound landscapes, according to the band’s own vision of what modern independent pop music must be.

Tinavie’s debut album, named Augenblick (‘like winking’ – german), was self-released in Russia April, 2010 and featured 11 Tina’s most early songs, carefully arranged by the band for the live performance. According to the concept, that ran as a red thread through the whole album and its artwork, the record was mostly played live, with the few additional studio recordings and production.

The second studio album 'Hidden Places' by Tinavie was released November, 2011 and featured 13 brand new songs. 'Hidden Places' was recorded in Moscow August-November 2011 and mixed by famous russian sound-producer Andrey Aliakrinskiy (Tequilajazzz, Zorge, Sunsay, Markscheider Kunst) at Dobrolet Studio, St.Petersburg. In spite of making Hidden Places much more groovy and juicy than it's forerunner Augenblick, Tinavie remains the same, making beautiful and romantic music for intelligent and open-minded people.

Tina (piano, voice, songwriting)
Dmitry Zilpert (guitars)
Dmitry Losev (keyboards, electronics)
Dmitry Frolov (drums, percussion)
Oleg Mariakhin (saxophones)
Nikita Filippov (sound, SFX)





Гришковец и Бигуди

Опыты Евгения Гришковца и проекта «Бигуди» по сращению целого ряда жанров и направлений в самом разгаре. Их творчество — уже не просто гибрид моноспектакля и умиротворенного lo-fi, а затейливый коктейль где-то на стыке литературы, театра и музыки с явным перевесом последней. Рассказы под аккомпанемент электронного бита сменились полноценными песнями, звуковой минимализм — красивыми, объемными аранжировками, а привычная декламация — «полупением». Неизменным осталось умение Евгения Гришковца создавать броские зарисовки повседневности, улавливая в ней тончайшие нюансы и находя свои маленькие радости.

Tom Night



This music band is, unconditionally, an adornment of Russian electronic stage. Though, it must be admitted that, the stage itself is quite poor and doesn’t abound in brilliant specimens of qualitative and sustained sound, Half Dub Theory have become a marked occurrence not owing, but contrary to this point.
Two long play albums of the band– «Soulplay» (2007) and «Floating» (2009) have demonstrated the growth of skill and consistency of the musicians in extraction of their own sounding, combining trip-hop, dub and partially - soul.
The second, most tedious LP shows that the role of live segment in the music of Half Dub Theory has increased: besides the voice of vocalist Marina, cementing the songs, the guitars began to sound more tangible and forcefully, and acoustic gigs became usual element of performances. The music of the band was found appropriate for the main Russian electronic festival Stereleto (warming up Massive Attack) and for more intimate shows of Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Lou Rhodes (Lamb).
The updated membership of Half Dub Theory coherently combines habitual texture, exactness of the electronic moves and profundity of the vocal with passion of instrumental group, amplified with Alexey Andreev (bass-guitar) and Igor Belenko (drums). Live rhythm section is a big step towards musical maturity, which you can feel listening just released HDT's third LP "Acute Case".

LP "Soulplay".2007.3pbeats
EP "Too late".2008.3pbeats
LP "Floating" .2009. HDT Production
EP "Think Aloud".2009. HDT Production
LP "Acute Case".2012. HDT Production

Actual band members:

Marina Skalozub - vocals
Andrey Bolshakov - synths, samplers, turntables
Pavel Wowk - bass
Igor Belenko - drums
Alexandr Kuznetsov - guitar
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