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Tim Oshen Band

Moscow, Russia
Легкая музыка для позитивного настроения, легкой дороги, танца, романтического настроения, свиданий.


Moscow, Russia


Tinavie is a band from Moscow, Russia, first appeared at the end of 2008.

It’s possible to fail putting two and two together describing band’s musical tricky style. Too much nerve for lounge and too fast for downtempo, too sweet for the underground and too shiny for triphop. Not being faithful followers of any listed musical genre, Tina and the band are exploring some new sound landscapes, according to the band’s own vision of what modern independent pop music must be.

Tinavie’s debut album, named Augenblick (‘like winking’ – german), was self-released in Russia April, 2010 and featured 11 Tina’s most early songs, carefully arranged by the band for the live performance. According to the concept, that ran as a red thread through the whole album and its artwork, the record was mostly played live, with the few additional studio recordings and production.

The second studio album 'Hidden Places' by Tinavie was released November, 2011 and featured 13 brand new songs. 'Hidden Places' was recorded in Moscow August-November 2011 and mixed by famous russian sound-producer Andrey Aliakrinskiy (Tequilajazzz, Zorge, Sunsay, Markscheider Kunst) at Dobrolet Studio, St.Petersburg. In spite of making Hidden Places much more groovy and juicy than it's forerunner Augenblick, Tinavie remains the same, making beautiful and romantic music for intelligent and open-minded people.

Tina (piano, voice, songwriting)
Dmitry Zilpert (guitars)
Dmitry Losev (keyboards, electronics)
Dmitry Frolov (drums, percussion)
Oleg Mariakhin (saxophones)
Nikita Filippov (sound, SFX)




Santa Monica, United States
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